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Nutritional diet

The private ordering

We employ a professional nutritionist and introduce an intelligent ordering system to assess the nutritional status of the elderly and customize the nutritional catering. We also provide low-fat meals, nutrition-medicated meals, liquid meals and semi-liquid meals for those with special needs Special dishes. The provision of food and vegetables has been strictly restricted to provide the elderly with green, fresh, healthy and safe meals.


Reasonable and scientific food collocation to achieve low oil and less salt, suitable meat and vegetable, taste and taste, to ensure the elderly in health and nutrition. There are about 20 or 30 kinds of dishes and more than 10 kinds of staple food for each meal. Guests can choose their own meals, pay by credit card, or choose to pack or order meals.

Relatives and friends get together

In order to facilitate the gathering of relatives and friends, the park specially provides rooms for the elderly to gather together, so that the elderly and relatives can enjoy private and luxurious space while gathering together.