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Five-star hotel style residence

Home care apartment

Self-care apartment types are: single matching, one room, one hall, two rooms, one hall, three rooms, one hall. All kinds of furniture, home appliances, bedding, kitchenware, sanitary ware and other living facilities. In the sitting room of each guest bedroom, the head of a bed and toilet are equipped with a call intercom, the guest can directly call the service personnel to provide services when they need.

Green livable

The central green space square and scattered small courtyards form an overall three-dimensional ecological landscape, wind and rain cloisters and free walking paths connect all buildings, creating a green and low-carbon optimal living environment.

Caring care apartment

The house types of caring care area include: single room with one bathroom, double room and three rooms, and furniture in the house Electricity, bedding, sanitary ware and other living facilities are arranged according to the room of star hotels. Nursing bed is a multi-functional nursing bed with functions of lifting, lifting, turning and lavatory. In each set of objects The headboard of the guest room is equipped with a call intercom, emergency call button and oxygen device for guests' needs

Safe comfortable old

Elderly community elevator, door wide for wheelchair access, the community is set up bed elevator. Sofas are installed in the public areas of each floor to provide enough public communication space, and you can sit down to rest when you are tired. The width of the corridor is convenient for double wheelchairs. Handrails are provided in elevators and public areas for the elderly to hold. There is a shelf at the door, the old man can put some small things according to his preferences, convenient t