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《Health science and innovation center》


资深医师解读报告:由遗传学和分子生物学相关专业,硕士及以上学历人员组成,具有多年遗传咨询经验,为客户提供基因检测报告解读服务。 智能体系健康追踪:具有国家高级营养师及以上等级证书,食品科学、营养学相关专业,硕士及以上学历人员组成,具有丰厚健康管理经验,为客户提供饮食建议。 专家指导健康促进:由人体运动科学等相关专业。硕士及以上学历人员组成,具有丰富的运动指导经验,为客户提供运动、健身建议。




《Internet hospital》

Build a platform covering health and medical big data, health management and medical rehabilitation, realize 24-hour online consultation, etc., and provide customers with accurate personalized health and medical services throughout the whole life cycle

《Intelligent rehabilitation》

《Open field linkage emergency center》

The project will support the construction of air first aid centers, carry out flexible and quick response of air medical rescue services, covering the whole region of ningxia and surrounding cities and counties, to achieve seamless air and land first aid

《Health management》

Introduce the world's advanced testing equipment, provide health examination services, and equip professionals with targeted prevention Disease, personalized health management plan, never disease prevention and treatment, disease diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation after illness Maintain health.